Preserve your digital memories, it’s a gift to the future.

We all have digital memories.

Digital memories are:

  • Travel photos with family and friends,
  • Family and class reunion.
  • Weddings and other important events in our life.
Digital memories are important to us due to its personal and sentimental value. These memories are priceless and we want to keep them forever.

Preserving Digital Memories

Because of its value, people try different things to preserve their data. These data includes their collection of photos and videos.

The common practice is storing the data on a hard disk drive (HDD). They buy more HDD to create backup copies of their data.

People also buy the latest and biggest hard disk drive in the market to manage their growing collection.

We have customers who bought a  Network Attached Storage (NAS) to keep their digital library in one location.

Some people have started migrating and copying their photos to the cloud. Cloud makes sharing of photos and videos easy among families and friends.

All these investment and technology have one goal – keep our data and digital memories safe. But are they really safe?

Data loss happen

As a data recovery service company, we know that data loss happen. Hard drive fails and system crashed. Regardless of brand and operating system, accidents do happen and the data get lost.
Data can be loss in many different ways. The most common are computer viruses and malware and human error like formatting the hdd. A one feet fall can be catastrophic for a hdd.
Imagine losing your entire family collection of photos and videos. The memories of special occasions are all gone – cause by a system or hardware failure.
As we accumulate more photos and videos, we need a solution that is stable and secure. A system that can preserve our digital memories for a long time. A solution that will not break the bank.

Preserve your digital memories

In records management, documents are preserve by creating archive copies. Original copies are place in a secured storage facility for preservation. In many instance, microfilm copy are produce for archival backup.

Creating archival copies are long practice by governments, banks, hospitals and many institutions. The goal is to preserve the data and its information.

How about the photos and videos we accumulated through the years? How can we preserve the digital memories?

For preservation and archival, we will need a device that can hold around 40GB of data. The device is Write Once Read Many (WORM) – which makes the data permanent and cannot be erase or modified. The device is durable and is not susceptible to mechanical or system failure.

Blu-ray technology meets this criteria. The process will copy the photos and videos to a blu-ray disc. These will preserve our digital memories for a long time.

Why blu-ray?

Blu-ray disc is ideal as it has an expected archival life span of 50 years.

Blu-ray are Write Once Read Many (WORM) disc. Data once written cannot be erase or modified or formatted. User can read the data many times. Computer viruses cannot infect the data inside a blu-ray disc.

Unlike Hard disk drive blu-ray disc has no moving parts. The data are safe from ‘accidents’, such as damages from dropping a device.

Do I have to throw away my hard disk drive(s)?

The answer is No. Blu-ray disc are your archival backup, which you can use should your hard disk drive fail.

Consistent with 3 in 1 back up practice. Blu-ray disc is another form of backup for your data. It holds another copy of your data for safekeeping.

This solution is to help preserve your photos and videos. Making the memories alive for the future.

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