Toolkit on a budget

Protecting our data should not be expensive nor complicated.

Data protection is everyone’s responsibility. Whether you are a personal user, a business owner or an IT professional – data protection and availability is our priority. Data lost is no longer a hardware failure issue because data can be loss in a myriad of ways.

Recent rise in cybersecurity attacks make data protection and security necessary. Big and small companies becomes victim and million of users data compromised. Besides the lost data, data breaches cost billion of dollars in lost business.

If companies with big IT budget can be a victim, smaller companies are more vulnerable. Companies with little budget have less security and the necessary defenses to protect their data. Making them an easier target.

Since data protection is the primary concern, we created a resource page to help business and individuals.

Toolkit on a budget is a compilation of tools and applications we use to protect our data. Its for everyone and anyone who wants to protect and secure their data without breaking the bank.

Some of the tools are paid services or subscription.

We hope customer and visitors will find the tools and application to be useful. That the tools will benefit them, their organization and their data.

If you have questions about the tools and applications listed here, send us a message and we will be happy to answer them.

We will continue to expand our list as a service to our customers.

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