Protect your data from a worst case scenario

Can your data survive a worst case scenario?

For a second, think about a worst case scenario that may happen to your computer, network or to your data. If it happens, can you recover from it? Can you restore your data? Will your backup work?

We seldom think about worst case scenario. In fact, many people dread it. It’s not common but possible. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

Businesses and IT professional hopes it never happen. People buy hard drives for redundancy. IT invest on storage, security and encryption to prevent breaches.

But is it enough?

Inspite the investment to the latest technology, the reality is, we are always one click away from a worst case scenario.

In more than 15 years of providing data recovery service, we have help many customers recover their data from inaccessible media. But there are case we consider worst-case scenario that data recovery service cannot help. 

Hard drives damaged from fire.

Employee deleted the data.


Data loss due to the worst-case scenario event are difficult to recover from. Its expensive and no guarantee that data can be restore.

Protection and prevention

Users must and should install an Anti Virus software. This is the best defense against viruses and malware. Anti virus software can detect and prevent any ‘infection’. Although recent cyber security breaches shows cunning and sophisticated attacks that anti virus cannot prevent.

Encryption secure the data against unauthorized access to the laptop. It an event of theft, laptop data cannot be access keeping  the data secure. Encryption will keep the data safe and protected but a backup copy of the laptop content should be available in case of theft or loss. Without a backup copy, data are lost.

Encryption can also protect the data from espionage. But it cannot protect the data if the storage is securely wipe.

Although law enforcement agencies discourage paying the ransom, some ransomware victims actually pay. It’s expensive and no guarantee that data will be decrypted. The company will still be subject to investigation.

Ransomware can infect external storage. Offline and remote and encypted backup are the best protection

Password protecting the external hard drive will not prevent ransomware infection.

Hard disk drives

Many people hdd to store thei photos, vidoes and music.


Hard disk drives

Many people hdd to store thei photos, vidoes and music.

Hard disk drives

Many people hdd to store thei photos, vidoes and music.